June 17, 2024

There’s something about millennials and their cravings that must be satisfied. I discovered the best haven to do just this and it is also run by millennials who know just what they want. One must try this food adventure at The Food Cartel beside Crown Legacy Hotel along Kisad Road, Baguio City which combines all the fun food for the younger generations.
We got the best surf and turf combination in the mixed seafood platter that had the freshest seafoods with grilled quarter legs of chicken and ribs as a treat. This feast is in their combo platter section that guarantees to feed a group of four to six. I guess millennials enjoy group fare and sharing, that’s why the meals are meant to be shared just like boodle fights.
The squid is always a great way to check on the seafoods. Seldom do restaurants get this sea treasure perfectly grilled except at the talangcrab grillers. It was tender and still juicy. The shrimps and crabs were delightful, too. You know that these are fresh because the meat is sweet and the shells easy to peel. Talk about the mussels or tahong as we call it, they were plump and likewise grilled to perfection. Then there is the choice of sauce that is the secret to this assemblage, the Cajun sauce was a flavor that must be tried. The secret blend of paprika and oregano are new to the Pinoy taste buds but when it is done in our sweet and salty preference, I am sure you will enjoy it.
Jay Santos, one of the four partners, said that there are four sauces or dressings that come with the food. There is the STC which has cilantro, salted egg, buttered garlic and the Cajun best seller. The STC was great with the meats. I noted that this had the Indian or Thai flavor to it. I must return to try the salted egg and buttered garlic flavors too. The house vi-negar is a must too because the concoction with cucumber is delightful.
We sampled the sabrozo sa-lad too as a side dish which had lettuce, carrots, tomato, onion with the cilantro dressing and drizzle parmesan cheese. This was an exact palate cleanser between bites of the meat and chicken. It was refreshing to have the crisp texture of iceberg lettuce and vegetables as a break from the rich flavors of the meats and seafoods.
Vibrato Café has to be the cap to the meal for coffee freaks like me. Although, there are frappes, lattes, and milk teas on the menu, I like my coffee simply brewed. According to the barista, the beans are blended from local and an imported brand for the Americano that I ordered. I just found out that this coffee preparation is simply watered-down espresso because the Italian espresso was too much for the American soldier to drink and they asked to have it watered down with half a cup of water. There are tea leaf brews and mixes too in this part of The Food Cartel complex. Get a veranda seat to get the best ventilation.
There are more treats in this food stop like pizza and wings. There are sausages too.
It is a fact that the millennials are the new breed of business persons who know how to please the younger palates.
For now, I must say that the partners Millette Callanta, RJ Dimapasok, Benson Belen, and Jay have found a good brand amidst the challenges of this quarantine time.