June 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
I don’t know if I should laugh out loud or get angry at this crazy proposition to have a child with a senior citizen. It is already daunting to have a child with a man in his 40s because of the possibility that by retirement, you will need to send your kids to college. Was it a joke or am I insane to even think about it? Are they real?
Glenda of Ferdinand, Baguio City

Dear Glenda,
They are real. These are the men who have lived their lives and have a second go at it with younger women who are their philanthropic missions as well as virile prides. It is as real as you make it, but these are not uncommon to most men. The point is, if you’re young, make sure he secures you for the rest of your life.
You are the key,

Dear Manang,
After 10 years, I seem to have become jaded with the antics of a boyfriend. I feel neglected and feel that it is a one-way street that is all for his benefit. Some say it is a waste to throw it away, but it is an informal setup and I want more out of life than just the part-time commitment. What do you think?
Lumina, Adiwang, Baguio City

Dear Lumina,
Affairs of the heart are complex and puzzling. I believe in the story of the crocheted coasters for married couples but not for informal relationships like yours. If you want to close the door on that part of your life, it is your choice. The withdrawal symptoms will still be there, but that decision is yours alone. It is good to soul search about what it is you are looking for; it might be that you just want a little more affection and attention. It can still be him.