September 23, 2023

The Cordillera Studies Center (CSC) of the University of the Philippines Baguio turns 40 this month with online activities to mark its anniversary.

In lieu of the regular events and public lectures, all commemorative activities will be conducted through online activities.

Every Monday, the CSC Reading Room will upload chapters and excerpts from selected publications of the center, free of charge.

On Wednesdays, messages from former CSC directors, staff, and researchers will be published, tracing the 40 years of the center’s work.

Readings and reviews of the 2nd edition of “Traditions and Transformations: Studies on Cordillera Indigenous Culture” by June Prill-Brett will be uploaded on Thursdays.

Fridays will feature a podcast by the CSC and UPB faculty, discussing the realities and behind-the-scenes of research and fieldwork.

Live lectures will be broadcast on June 26 to cap off the anniversary month.

Established on June 26, 1980, the center conducted action research on socioeconomic development issues in the Cordillera, trained young researchers and provided a research space for faculty, and promoted dialogue between sectors.

The CSC Research Affiliates program provided an avenue to welcome local and foreign researchers from other institutions.

The center also established the Interdisciplinary Team Research Grant, enabling researchers and faculty to collaborate between disciplines, departments, and colleges.

In 2013, the Knowledge and Training Resource Center was also launched, providing grants and encouraging multidisciplinary research work in the university.

The CSC continues its groundbreaking work through regular publications, scholarship development, information dissemination, partnership and collaboration, information dissemination, and community engagement.

The CSC also provides a platform for the dissemination of research outputs through lectures and forums.

Another flagship project of the center is the International Conference on Cordillera Studies, first organized in 2008 and in 2017.

The CSC also conducted issue-specific training sessions and skill-building workshops for teachers, community leaders, and local government officials.

It was recognized as among Builders of Baguio during the city’s centennial celebration in 2009. – Press release