April 20, 2024

Dear Manang,
It’s tiring to paint over what vandals do to newly-painted walls. Is there a solution to this? Can’t the barangays do anything for residents? I heard the markings are from fraternities and gangs. Is there a way to regulate this or punish them?
Berna of Fairview, Baguio City

Dear Berna,
Yes, markings on walls are territorial declarations. These gangs initiate the new members by asking them to do daring tasks like spray painting a sign on certain parts of the city. The barangays are supposed to be in charge of the residential areas but I guess they are too busy with other things. There is a law on vandalism and community service is its penalty. You can begin the campaign by catching the culprits. Maybe you should have a CCTV surveillance camera installed to bring the proof to your barangay.
Get evidence,

Dear Manang,
Christmas is just another month away and I am still jobless. I want to have something special for my family but I don’t know where I can get money to get them a treat at least. Are there jobs available? I heard that part-time jobs are many these days.
Ariane of Bakakeng Central, Baguio City

Dear Ariane,
Since the quarantine, I believe that many have become creative about earning money. There is a boom in plants, particularly succulents. Do you have a green thumb? There are a lot of online jobs too. Can you teach English? If you are more daring, there is online marketing. You can drop off the orders at designated pick-up points and have the payments made there. Nothing is impossible these days.
Search and you shall find,