July 25, 2024

Celebrate democracy on Independence Day

The celebration of Independence Day is a testament of the struggle of our heroes to ensure the next generations of Filipinos will live in a society where they can fully exercise their rights, live in peace, and realize their full potential.
It is our task to preserve this gift of independence and its resulting democracy against people or groups that have underlying agenda to pursue their political agenda.
These groups include those who claim to champion democracy and make people believe this by holding protests during Independence Day.
I have been part of this scheme for a time as former member of Innabuyog Gabriela or Gabriela-Cordillera chapter. I was tasked to gather rallyists whom the organizations under the National Democratic Front based in Baguio City will be coaching to chant propaganda lines against the government during mass actions and insinuate attacks on Philippine independence under every administration.
This has been how these groups divert Independence Day celebrations by demonizing the government and discrediting its efforts to provide Filipinos services where they could be free to live peaceful and progressive lives.
Front organizations under the NDF intentionally cloud people’s consciousness with allegations of negligence and oppression on the part of the government when in fact, it is their unending trouble-making that has been impeding cooperation between people and the government.
On this year’s Independence Day celebration, NDF organizations are expected to stage mass actions either physically or through social media.
This time, targets of their black propaganda are the incoming President and Vice President. They started this as soon as election results came in by spreading speculations that the new President and Vice President will suppress democracy.
This is another attempt to stir dissent especially as the country transitions to a new administration.
Let this year’s Independence Day celebration be a venue for every Filipino to assert and preserve our democracy. — CRISTINA GATBAGAN, chair, Samahan ng mga Mamayang Kontra Terorismo