May 25, 2024

Dear Manang,
This quarantine’s worst effect is I have gained five kilos and my clothes are shrinking fast. I have heard about every kind of diet and have all the portable exercise equipment tucked in the cabinet somewhere too but it will take an elephant to pull me off the sofa. My eyes are glued to the TV screen binge watching Korean and Japanese movies and mini-series with noodles and chips on the side tray. I’m actually successful at limiting the gain to five kilos by limiting myself to one cup of rice. But how do you get rid of the five?
Sonia of Magsaysay Ave., Baguio City

Dear Sonia,
I actually lost five kilos watching K drama during the quarantine by doing intermittent fasting and binge watching. But this is not good for my heart to stay awake all night. Seriously, diet is discipline and when your body adjusts to it then you can enjoy the plateau on the scale. My skinny buddy is the wisest of them all because I saw the logic in her philosophy. She said, “Don’t eat until you’re full. Just take a little at a time. Just enough not to get ulcers.” We still need to eat but we don’t need to be full with each meal. The only reason is your intake expands your stomach and intestines so in order to fill it up, you need to eat more and more. Limit your toast to two pieces, rice to half a cup and eat dinner before 6 p.m. are among tried and tested formulas. Who said you can’t eat what you want! You can have them but not the whole of them.
Eat just enough,

Dear Manang,
The Christmas countdown has begun and I am depressed that I won’t be able to give gifts this year. I have barely made enough money to keep body and soul together with my part time work. I’ve cut down on food expenses and haven’t indulged in my favorites like cake and ice cream. Would you have any money-making ideas to share with me? I want to have some money for gifts.
Santa of Lopez Jaena, Baguio City

Dear Santa,
You are awesome. In these times, I believe you will be excused from giving gifts this Christmas. I definitely do not expect much more than a greeting. I can’t even get a hug or a kiss. Don’t be depressed by this situation we are all in. You must treat yourself to some cake and ice cream, no one says you shouldn’t have them. It is just that you can’t have it as often as you used to. Of late, plants have been in great demand. Maybe you can plant some succulents or ornamentals in your yard, then repot them in noodle cups to sell. Or what about upcycling some of your old clothes into bags or if you like crafts, you can make beaded hair scrunchies to sell. Watch Youtube and get some creative spurts. Or just give your upcycled items away.
Be the gift,