May 27, 2024

IN A DEMOCRATIC society/country, the ruling principle ideally is: “Sovereignity resides in the people”, and aptly so, because it is true to Definition (Gk. Demos, people; krasein, to rule) of our Democracy which we esteem so highly and dearly, and which is embodied in our Constitution. So,
WITH PLAIN WORDS, we, the people – you and I, are the ‘rulers’ – or bosses, of ourselves in this country of ours; but
SINCE WE CANNOT all go participate, deliberate, discuss, and declare rulings on matters of our concerns – general or individual (– as what the books say of ‘Direct Democracy’ in early Greece), in these times or now,
WE CHOOSE AMONG ourselves – one or two, etc. individuals, to represent our said ‘concerns’ (Supra) – through that process we call Election – or Voting. So that, ideally still:
AFTER AFORECITED ELECTION, we’re all wielders of ‘Rule’ – not very directly, but through those persons or individuals we have elected, voted for, or chosen(!) to represent us.
DID WE MAKE the ‘right’ choice – the best amongst the other choices? “Come on!” You say; and we continue in-thought: ‘Who’d not make the “best choice”, anyway and indeed?’
YES! EVERYBODY DID. In all honesty and belief, they’ll all say (or claim?) that; and alleluia: therefore,
ERGO, WE SHALL be attaining the later ‘fruits’ of our Pursuit of Happiness (also embodied in our Declaration of Principles) through those we have chosen to represent us. All ends well, we should be saying – as the years go by; but
WHY DO WE hear, or read, or even ‘feel’ by ourselves some frustrations over some of those we have chosen? If we’re convinced we made the right choice.. Ah-ha!
RESPICE OCULO. LOOK at it with the eye. Look at it this way: we (all) might have been wrong in our choices – last time and, the other time(s) before? Yes? No?
BUT WHY NOT? We’re all prone to errors, aren’t we? And so this current time, we’re experiencing the results of our errors? And sometimes, we think of telling others – and ourselves: ‘when will we ever learn?’
BUT SUDDENLY, YOU cheer yourself to say: there’s good news(!) – it is Election time again. Hooray! Bravo! Cheers! Eugepae!
YES, INDEED! TIME for each one of us to exercise our guaranteed-by-the Constitution ‘Right to Suffrage’. We’re all in it, remember? But again, always reminding ourselves that we don’t do this every day, – but rather, once in three years, or once in an allowed time; that further, it is a precious right which we must value with all regard; and also, most importantly: even if we cotton to the ‘Rule of the Majority’, our individual, one vote, counts! So,
BRACE UP, TAKE heed, listen well, wield that ‘power’, and go, vote for your ‘best choice’ – come Election day. Ayuhh kha nete!