May 27, 2024

Dear Manang,
There are some people in our company who do not mind their duty but only their phones. It is hard to be the snitch about the work ethics of my companions but I wish someone would tell the boss that they’re only busy when he is around. The rest of the time, they do not attend to the customers’ needs when their phone rings or when they have messages. I want to take a photo of both while they stand beside the water dispenser staring at their phones.
Kinita of Tecson Road, Baguio City

Dear Kinita,
Of course, telling on them will not get you anywhere. They will be told that you told the boss and this will not be good for your relationship with people in your company. I am sure that your boss will find out eventually. He may drop by without warning or one of his friends might observe the practice. What I am saying is not really what should be done, you should actually try persuading them to work before they look at their phones. Maybe, you should suggest to the boss that cellphones be surrendered during work time. There are many companies that already require this.

Dear Manang,
I am so prone to anxiety. When I wake up, I am already worried about cleaning the house before 10 a.m., then cook lunch, do the laundry after lunch, go grocery shopping, cook dinner, and wash dishes. These are routine but when I am a few minutes late, I begin to get angry at myself. I want to spend some time watching movies or the soap opera but if I do then all the other schedules are late. Then I get angry at the children and have a fight with my husband. What kind of life is this?
Laura of Sumulong Street, Baguio City

Dear Laura,
You should stop setting the clock each day. There should be days when you don’t need to do all those things. Laundry can be done once a week so you can have two hours free in the afternoon and take a nap. The more important tasks are the cooking because the kids eat. There can be an occasion when you’re in the mood and can cook lunch and dinner at the same time. Nothing is supposed to be so rigid these days. Relax. There is no law that says you must do all those things each day. Put some spaces in your 24 hours so you can have time for yourself once in a while.
Take a nap,