March 22, 2023

During the first State of the Nation Address of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., there were pocket rallies held near the venue where he delivered his SONA.

The group of protesters was composed of members of the usual progressive organizations who are visible every time a President delivers a SONA. They are the usual suspects who are never in agreement with any administration regardless of the mandate that was conferred by the people.

They are never satisfied because their differences with the government are more ideological than political. They are never pleased. They would rather be a part of the problem instead of being a part of the solution. It was no exception with the SONA of the current leader.

These progressive groups, who have a tendency to stir up unnecessary noise just to attract attention because they are kulang sa pansin, assert what the President said in his SONA are all lies. Is that so?

Anyway, such statement is another ploy to captivate the imagination of the Filipinos into believing that this administration must, as all others, fail. Thankfully, they are wrong.

The first SONA of Marcos, Jr. had a touch of class and was as comprehensive as it was supposed to be. There was a little of everything in what he delivered last Monday. While his speech was more futuristic than current, it was heart-rending that he laid down his plans and expectations on what should happen to the country in the next six years in a modest and in an achievable way.

These are the kind of talks that inspire people and unite them to be more patriotic and objective in their expectations of their government.

The President made no promises, he promised no immediate results, nor did he propose pipe-dreams that are only intended to impress his listeners. What he said were realistic, which, if put into action, would benefit all sectors of our society. When he said the country must go “full steam ahead,” he was objectively on the right track.

Hence, contrary to what his critics said that he was lying, he was merely being realistic. In the first place, how could he lie when he was outlining the plans that he intended to implement? There can be no lie for promises that are yet to be fulfilled. Lies pertain to past actions that are covered by false talk. Yet, the President made no reference to the past. What he talked about was the future. And, indeed, all were impressed, save for those progressive groups who are living in another world and have no grasp of reality.

There must be truth to what was said that it is impossible to please everybody. Perhaps, Marcos Jr. is in the same predicament.

Even then, the majority of the Filipino people are expectant that with the plans he unveiled, the nation is in good stead and will be steered to great heights.