December 8, 2023

There are only few days left before 2019 ends. Did you do well? Did you fulfill everything you wrote on your New Year’s resolution in 2018? Did you really do everything on your 2019’s bucket list?

Well, unfortunately for me, I failed. I failed going to the place that I said I would visit this year. I failed to save my target money. I failed almost half of what I wrote last year. I did not accomplish the things I wanted to do; but I cannot say that my 2019 is not fulfilling.

I learned a lot of things. I met new people that changed the way I view life. As 2019 ends, I wanted to share some part of my year with you. I listed the 12 things I learned this year:

1. Forgiveness is the key to a happy life. Arguments and heartaches cannot be avoided because it makes us who we are. Disappointments and sadness after a fight is what makes us human. Yes, we might have some misunderstanding with our parents, friends, lovers, co-workers, and even strangers but let us remember to take a deep breath, rest our hot minds, think rationally and talk it out. The best gift one can give himself is forgiveness because if one forgives those who wronged them, there is nothing greater than a calm heart.

2. The scrumptious taste of success is best served with humility. Everytime we achieved something, it’s normal to be proud of it. However, let us always take note that being proud is different from being boastful. A person who always keeps their feet on the ground has a better view of success than those who see it from above.

3. Patience is a unique virtue. In this generation where everything is instant and everything can be found online, patience is endangered. Do not join the bandwagon, wait for your time. Life is not a race because at the end of the day, it is not about how fast you got to your destination; it is about how much you learned from your journey.

4. Take risks. Everyone has a dream but not everyone acts to achieve it. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, the higher the risk, the higher the reward. One might not see the return now, but I’m sure someday, they will taste it. So take the risk.

5. One can do everything if they just believe and do it. I used to say “Sana all” to everything I say but somebody told me to stop every “Sana all” and make it all possible. One cannot achieve what they want if they just keep thinking about it. Get up, plan, and take an action.

6. Learn more. Everything is not taught at school or by books. Learning is continuous. Little knowledge is dangerous so avoid that danger and be open to new knowledge.

7. Don’t dodge negativity. We can never avoid a negative environment. The moment we step out of our house, we are prone to something bad but that doesn’t mean that we should be negative all day. What we can do is not let that negative thing define our day. There is always a silver lining to everything, you just have to look for it.

8. When you are tired, rest. We are not robots. Our body and even our mind need to be recharged. When we overwork, everything will slowly fade. The outcome would either be, you cannot think wisely or you would be sick. When the sun sets, let your day reset.

9. Practice your passion. There is no such thing as an inborn talent. Everything is honed. Once you stop something that you are passionate about, trust me, you will find yourself reaching and looking for it.

10. Know who you are. This may sound cliché but you cannot love other people if you do not know who you are. Being in love is the happiest feeling in the world, but your love will become toxic if you do not know your worth.

11. Let people speak. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Let them speak their minds, whether what they are saying is bad or good. Only remember that constructive criticism is an opinion that can make you a better person than who you are today.

12. Be feisty. Life doesn’t always go the way you planned it to be. It will hit you at times you least expect it. Be ready.

How about you? What did you learn this year?