June 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
What’s the antidote to loneliness? I still don’t have time to feel lonesome because there’s much to do while I fix up the paperwork for my husband’s certificates and informing all the agencies about his death. Would you advice me to stay in our home or should I move in with my children? I am giving myself until August, our anniversary, to resolve my decision for a more permanent placement. Help me please, I like your advices.
Karissa of Yandoc Street, Baguio City

Dear Karissa,
The danger in loneliness is it might lead to depression. Even if you are alone but not feeling abandoned or pity, you will survive. I have met many widows who are happy and living alone. I am one who believes that our children have their own troubles and we are burdens, especially to in-laws who may find our presence annoying. Your home is your own I suppose and if you can find someone to rent a room or get boarders, this would be income and something to occupy your time. Balance your decisions and check if you are capable of being alone for a year or two. Then you decide again.
Prize your independence,

Dear Manang,
I miss my father so much and want him to stay with me. My problem is that he doesn’t want to get vaccinated. So far, he remains disease-free but I know that he is not as healthy as he used to be. Do I need to convince him or just let him be? I don’t want to lose him yet. He is all I have left.
Paeng of Amistad Road, Baguio City

Dear Paeng,
Stubborn is the term but find out the reason for his hesitation. That is where you should begin. That fear or factor is what you must hurdle. Pass him facts and figures about the value of the vaccine subtly. This might help. Tell him you miss him and want him to visit.
Say you miss him,