February 29, 2024

To accommodate more students and to be able to provide quality education, Rep. Mark Go filed house bills 3832 and 3833 converting the Fort del Pilar and Hillside annexes of Baguio City High School into independent national high schools.
BCHS has a student population of around 9,000 with the needs of the students being augmented by Fort del Pilar and Hillside annexes. However, there is only one school principal item and limited regular teacher items. These annexes are not fully equipped to cater to more students from the nearby barangays.
The Fort del Pilar annex has a population of about 800 students that are handled by 29 teachers. It has one library and 16 classrooms housed at five buildings. However, six of these classrooms and two of these buildings are only makeshift. Further, the teachers in the annex are merely “borrowed” from the mother high school.
In the case of Hillside annex, it has a population of around 300 students that are handled by nine teachers. The said annex operates with one library and five classrooms housed at three buildings. The teachers from the annex are also borrowed from the mother high school.
“Nationalizing these two schools will also decongest BCHS. Right now we cannot do so because of the limited capacity of these annexes,” Go said.
The proposals have been submitted to the Committee on Basic Education and Culture chaired by Pasig City Rep. Roman Romulo. – Press release