March 2, 2024

BONTOC, Mountain Province – Roads and streets in this town have been named using local terminologies.
The road from the Eric Ngelangel Building (fronting national road) to the United Church of Christ of the Philippines is named “Akfab Street.”
Akfab is a wild plant with a sweet-sour fruit. Its flowers are used as vegetable or condiment when dried. 
The street from the Cooperative Bank of Mountain Province to the Mosomos residence is named “Fakeg Street.”
Fakeg is a wild blackberry. 
The stretch of road from Solang Building to Felwa residence is named “Kayyab Street.”
Kayyab is a Bontoc term for guava. 
The road from Chakas Building (fronting the national road) to the Bontoc Municipal Fire Station is named “Sengang Street.”
Sengang is a sweet-sour wild fruit colored orange-red.
The road from Bayle Building to Pooten Building is called “Khiyag Street.”
Khiyag is a food container woven from rattan. 
The stretch from the Girl Scout of the Philippines Building (fronting the national road) to the Provincial Government Building to the Philippine National Bank is named “Appong Street.”
Appong is a string of beads worn by Bontoc women to hold back their hair. 
The street from Sawi Building to Tarnate Building is named “Layad Street.”
Layad means love. 
The road from the Youth Center facing Bontoc General Hospital down to Apolinar’s residence is named “Ayyoweng Street.”
Ayyoweng means chant. 
The street from the Provincial Jail Junction going down to the National Irrigation Administration Compound is named “Tugwi Street.”
Tugwi used to be worn by Bontoc women as protection against the rain, sunlight, and other elements. 
The road from the Post Office to Pattig is named “Bishop Claver Road.” 
The local government will soon install markers bearing the names of these roads and streets. – Alpine L. Killa