June 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am still in school and I am glad that we don’t meet face-to-face. There must be something utterly wrong with me that I am a target of bullies in school. I know that my skin is dark but there’s someone darker than me and dumber than me in class but I guess he knows how to get along with the bullies by making them laugh. I don’t have such gift of gab. I object to going back for my senior year. Is there anything that someone like me could do to help me?
George of Dagsian, Baguio City

Dear George,
It takes a magical personality to neutralize bullying and it takes maturity to overcome it. I have classmates who got bullied too in high school. College meant they matured because they stopped bullying and got along at that age. Just live day by day, unless it becomes physical, try to find positive attributes to the bully and praise him. Sometimes it is recognition that they want. I couldn’t recommend gluta treatment for you to change your color.
Just be,

Dear Manang,
My husband says he has fallen out of love with me and wants us to just live together without sex. I am agreeing to the set up but wonder if I could find someone who would like me? Since the convenience of having the amenities is there, it could be bearable to live like this. But what if I find someone too?
Nida of Orange Alley, Baguio City

Dear Nida,
I admire you for your candor. Imagine, you took his declaration hands down and it doesn’t seem to bother you. I suppose that you have seen or felt the same way for as long too. Falling out of love just makes both of you comfortable with each other and are better than friends. As it is, I doubt if either of you will seek another mate. If it does happen, then and only then should you give it a thought. Until then, just be happy.
Be cool,