December 6, 2023

Dear Manang,
I want to sell my house and transfer to Manila. I was able to make arrangements with an interested buyer and had some papers drawn up by the lawyer for the sale scheduled early next year. I suddenly had a change of heart because I lost my friend who lives in the same condo I was going to buy. With all the preparations and people involved, should I go through with my old plans? Can I change my mind? I have no other relatives to consult.
Marga of Malvar Street, Baguio City

Dear Marga,
You can change your mind as many times as you want, my dear. Alone and no one to consult, there is nothing that can stop you from doing what you want. But sometimes, God has some message to help us. Maybe you shouldn’t go, and you can cancel all the arrangements that were engaged. Nothing is final and if no money has been exchanged yet, nothing should stop you. Make better friends here. Get involved in some organization to find friends.
Find a charity,

Dear Manang,
Is it natural for people to be rude? I am a sensitive person and when I encounter rude persons, I feel angry because no one has the right to be rude, particularly those in government service. I was told by the information staff to go to a certain window and stood there waiting for the person to look up or ask me what I needed but she never looked up. So, I said, “Good morning!” just to catch her attention. Only then did she look up and I told her that I needed to follow up on something. She stood up and sighed in annoyance to go to a cabinet to get it. She returned and gave me the paper. I said, “Thanks.” I still didn’t get a smile or a simple acknowledgment before she sat down again. What should be done to people like that?
Flora of Tam-awan, Baguio City

Dear Flora,
You should write a comment in the suggestion box. The best thing to do is write the name of the person and state the date and time of the incident so that it can really be noted. Sometimes, we really get overwhelmed with many personal or work problems that it is carried over to our desk. Instead of being able to snap back to reality, we mope, unmindful of what goes on around us. It was good that you didn’t respond to rude with rude. The best is to remind them that they are in public service and have the duty and responsibility to serve.