September 30, 2023

For the promotion of the physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being of the youth and in high regard for their vital role in nation-building, the city council has approved Ordinance 99, s. 2021 or the “Street Gang Deterrence Ordinance.”
The ordinance was passed for the safety and protection of the youth in adherence to the constitutional mandate of ensuring their full growth and development to become good citizens and productive members of society.
Acts prohibited and punishable under the ordinance are: creating/forming a gang or establishing, founding, leading and/or operating a gang that vehemently disregard the safety and well-being of an individual especially minors, recruiting and inducing others to participate in violence or by employing, using, commanding, coercing, counselling, persuading or enticing any individual including minors to commit, cause to commit or facilitate the commission of street gang violence, instigating graffiti which are intended to represent the presence of a gang that conveys a threat of violence in a neighborhood, and other activities that disturb and threaten public order, safety and convenience.
In the ordinance, activities of gangs and disorderly groups only promote juvenile delinquencies which badly affect the academic performances and good relations of children with their family, friends and acquaintances. The recruitment and membership of any person and minors to any group which do not promote good manners and right conduct must be strictly prohibited and dealt with appropriate punishments.
The ordinance also reminds that while freedom of association is generally recognized as fundamental human rights and contributes to inclusive growth and development, one must always consider joining any group of their own choice only to those with goals, objectives and activities that are not contrary to existing laws of the land.
For the efficient implementation of the ordinance, a City Juvenile Justice and Welfare Council (CJJW) is also created which shall be composed of the mayor as the chair, the city council chair of the committee on youth welfare and sports development as vice chair, the Women and Children Protection Desk of the Baguio City Police Office as action officer.
Members are the chair of the committee on laws, human rights and justice, Public Order and Safety Division, City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Health Services Office, City Youth Development Office, president of the Federation of Barangay Councils for the Protection of Children, and two representatives from non-government organizations and religious sector who will be identified by the chair.
Minors including their immediate family members who violate the ordinance will undergo intervention programs such as counseling, skills training, education, trainings, seminars and lectures on anger management, problem solving and/or conflict resolution, values formation, and other skills which will aid the minor in dealing with situations which can lead to repetition of an offense.
They are also required to participate in community-based programs.
Except for minors, any person found in violation of the ordinance shall be fined P5,000 and imprisonment of one to 30 days, or both at the discretion of the court.
The CSWDO will formulate the implementing rules and regulations in close coordination with the CJJW Task Force within 30 days after approval of the mayor
In Resolution 529, s. 2021, the city council urged the Department of Budget Management, the Department of the Interior and Local Government, and the Bureau of Local Government and Finance to assist officials of the 128 barangays of Baguio in the adjustment and increase of the honoraria of all barangay officials, Barangay Nutrition Scholars, Barangay Health Workers, tanods, day care workers, and other barangay employees based on their national tax allotment and shares from other locally generated revenues.
The request anticipates the forthcoming implementation of the national tax allotment shares for local government units.
The resolution states there will be an increase in the budgets of all LGUs beginning 2022 because of the Mandanas-Garcia ruling which allows the inclusion of all national income in the computation of the share of local government units from the actual collections of national taxes.
The resolution added that barangay officials, employees and volunteers are considered public servants.