December 3, 2023

Rugged, fortified by time, refined by history, tried by culture; firm yet loving, stiff yet kind, un-showy yet willing, like a countryside spring so lavish and selfless – that is the typical Cordilleran.
While it is true that colors are different and humans tend to have their favorites, they should be seen as unique and equally beautiful. As a craft, Cordillera is like a kaleidoscope, it produces shattered colors and when tied as one creates a magnificent exquisiteness, a display of art only heaven could fashion.
The black-brewed coffee in an enamel cup poured from an old-cindered kettle refined by incessant ring of fire reminds us to slow down and take time. The brown woods from the walls and floors of every shelter remind us about the simplicity of life. The rustic-vintage grab hoes, shovels, and spears hanged on a corner taught us to toil and to be brave. The green-brushed massive mountains firmed by great rocks give us a sense of security and belongingness. The lazy yellow rays of the sun outlining the open grounds reviving every creature after rainfalls taught us to renew our hope and dreams. The blue cool breeze shares a piece of serenity from the city rush, country works, and the unrelenting clamor of the world. The smiles or even the hidden grins of people paint an orange-like color warming every heart. The straight, steep, rough, or paved roads create a purple feeling, something dizzy yet promising. They may say that white is not a color, however when clasp as one reminds us that in this demeaning world there is something pure and dauntless. It feels like standing on an advanced ground staring down the sluggish motion of the city of clouds resting and suspended in the sky which may leave us gasping but reminds us as well, that everything is temporary. The dissimilar floras cultivated by the Earth, despite its different colors create a pinkish blush within us as a remembrance of a strange feeling. Like a seed, it has to be sowed. It can never be forced by pulling and pushing. It has to be natural, flourished only by the Creator like a masterpiece. It may seem abstract on the process yet when done displays a meaningful art, not only for appreciation but for a deeper purpose.
These are our colors, different but could blend as one. Whenever we see splashes of colors, we will see our reflection. This is a piece of home, this is Cordillera.