June 20, 2024

Dear Manang,
There have been sudden earthquakes last week. Does that fear of the Big One ever go away? What should be done or what should I do in that occasion? I want to run each time. What must I prepare?
Eman of Camp 7, Baguio City

Dear Eman,
It is earthquake time anytime because we can never predict earthquakes. Immediately, you must drop, cover, and hold. This means that you squat or get closest to the ground, seek for cover under a table or cover you head with something hard to protect it or the hand could also cover the top of your head and nape, but keep your eyes open and observe everything around and above you. Then you can hold your position until the situation settles. Don’t panic. What to prepare is a long list but most important is to have all the important numbers of your bank accounts, ID numbers and pertinent documents in one place or have photocopies available. A change of clothes should be ready, some ready-to-eat provisions, first aid kit for cleaning and dressing wounds, medicines like paracetamol, maintenance medicines, and medicine for LBM, etc. I hope you can check online for other details. Please don’t panic.
Keep calm,

Dear Manang,
My cousin needs an MRI because it is unknown what kind of internal growth she has in her stomach. She was worried that she didn’t have enough money to cover it. Our common friends started raising the funds so that she would not need to worry but instead she got angry. She unfriended all of us in Messenger and none of us could get in touch. Should we just let her be?
Lina of San Pascual, Tuba, Benguet

Dear Lina,
We react to crisis in different ways. Others become humble and accept their limitation and others distance themselves and try to act like there is nothing wrong. I know someone who wanted to keep the pain all to himself and unfortunately passed away and no one really knew when he died because he was alone when he had a stroke. I guess we just have to respect the will of the person. Maybe we can just be sensitive to their needs so that we can respond when we are needed.