February 29, 2024

TABUK CITY, Kalinga – Local artists have organized themselves into the Mingor Chi Kultura (MCK) to help each other and young talents in all fields of art and to promote Kalinga culture.
Mingor Chi Kultura (Warriors of Culture) is a group of young and old Kalinga artists who aim to promote the local culture and arts, according to Gerry Donaal, MCK adviser.
Mingor, in the olden times, was a man of heroic exploits, a man who killed for reasons of his own. But today, through MCK, contemporary Mingors will rise not to kill but do something good for their generation.
They will work for socio-cultural transformation to make Kalinga a haven for peaceful and loving people, Donaal said.
Arnel Banasan, another MCK adviser, said the group members, especially young artists belonging to the indigenous peoples, are innocent, have no vision, and are just there to compete. “Having an organization will help elevate the status of the sector and become partners in cultural promotion and preservation,” he said.
Culture to the i-Kalinga is not only about songs and dances, wearing G-strings and tapis. It is the practice of the supreme ethos of paniyaw, ngilin, and bain (maka-diyos, makatao, maka-kalikasan), Donaal said.
“You are not only culture bearers but also culture leaders in your own field. I want to hear your songs and works of art tear down barriers of misunderstanding and create solid walls of unity,” Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative to the sanggguniang panlalawigan Michael Karel Sugguiyao told the group during their induction.
Board Member and cultural master Frederick Pangsiw assured support to the group, one of which will be the MCK’s accreditation.
“I believe advancing arts is also one way of promoting culture. Songs are about our culture so with paintings and other work of arts,” he said.
The MCK is led by Christian Roe Manuel and Christian Peralta Maga-ao as vice president. – Peter A. Balocnit