June 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
Can mothers leave their children and never see them again? My mother gave me away when I was born. She left for the province and never returned, according to my adoptive parents. I am not complaining about my parents because they have loved me and cared for me all my life. I am just curious about my talents in singing and arts. My biological mother must have had those fine talents. My mother once said that I sing like my biological mother. How do I find her, especially now that my adoptive parents have died?
Louella of Balili, La Trinidad, Benguet

Dear Louella,
How wonderful that you are not a bitter adopted child. There are many children who seek their biological parents because they resent being adopted. Sometimes, they have wonderful adoptive parents but turn out to be bitter and angry. Mothers who give up their children suffer too but maybe she is truly unable to see you again because of her predicament. Unless you have clues about her province and barangay at least, I vote against a search. I suggest prayers because miracles happen. God has a way and who knows she may find you or you will find someone who has information about her. Who knows if she is nearby.
Believe in prayers,

Dear Manang,
My house is small and needs a lot of repairs but my brother and his family live with me and my daughter. My friends laugh at me and say that I am a fool for cooking and tending to my brother and his family. They say I should be happy with my pension and not share it with him. I should just take care of my special daughter who will never grow up. But I am happy helping them and they fill my house with laughter and noise. I need to repair my house but I am sure that they will help me do that when the kids have grown. I am not complaining.
Tina of Trancoville, Baguio City

Dear Tina,
You have no problem after all. You are not complaining about your meager resources and the disrepair of your house. You are actually happy the way you are and just listening to your foolish friends who want you to be greedy. You are lucky to have a pension to spend. You are still blessed. I am sure that your friends do not see the other half of the story of your brother. They should be shushed. I guess you are not that kind of person to tell your friends off. Just avoid the talk and go on with your life and remain at peace. God bless your kind heart.
Simply live,