April 23, 2024

Dear Manang,
How do you feel about having an online friend? Recently my girlfriend introduced me to Skype and I met a foreigner who is sending me messages about love. I am only tickled by the attention but I wonder if it could stay as just friendship because I feel uneasy with romantic relationships. I want to follow your advice on this.
Lucy of Upper Quezon Hill, Baguio City

Dear Lucy,
Friendships online are great chances to discover new acquaintances. I guess you have been invited to a dating group that’s why he is romantic. If you are free to have a relationship, you would never know what God plans for you. I would say that you must pray on this because it is not I but God’s will where that relationship will go.

Dear Manang,
I am angry at relatives who do not want to help a relative who is in the hospital. How can they say that it is up to the family to care for their brother who has only a son and wife in the family? The grandkids are still in high school and not in a position to financially back up expenses. The son lost his job abroad and they are dependent on the wife who is a teacher. How do I get over the annoyance?
Gel of Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Dear Gel,
There are too many stingy people in the world and we are powerless against them. On my part, I would just assist as far as I am able. There are many ways to help. Maybe money isn’t the only assistance. We can help in connecting them with the offices to get some medications refund or discounts. That’s a lot of help for them. Hang on and keep doing good.
God bless you,