April 23, 2024

Dear Manang,
I was recently granted the annulment of my marriage by the court. The decision was based on my former husband’s psychological incapacity. He now threatens to take away the house that he loaned from the Government Service Insurance System. It is barely 10 years old and still needs 25 years to fulfill the loan. What will happen to me and my kids who are still below 18?
Polly of Bakakeng Norte, Baguio City

Dear Polly,
If the case used to end the marriage is annulment, then the following would happen: net conjugal property is divided between the spouses. The family home goes to the spouse with whom the children live, according to Philippine laws. He cannot threaten you with that. Be informed of your rights.
Be steadfast,

Dear Manang,
Children grow up with pets. Recently, our 15-year-old Rotweiller died and my eight-year-old son is devastated. He looks for the dog at night because he sleeps in my son’s room. I wonder if we should get another pet for him? Or will he be able to get over the loss later? My husband and I constantly explain to him that dogs go to the rainbow bridge and wait for their masters there. I am concerned because they were companions from birth since dogs naturally adopt newborns as someone to protect. Our house is shrinking too with our growing kids.
Sonia of Kitma Road, Baguio City

Dear Sonia,
There is nothing that a child cannot understand if you explain these well. They can have alternatives to pets like dogs. Ask him if he would like a fish. Fishes can be entertaining too, there are smart species too. But as you say, they are growing and spaces are important. Just explain it well. If the sadness ensues, then maybe you need to consider the smaller dog, if need be.