June 21, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am a peaceful person and don’t want to make other people miserable. I believe that Filipinos do not have the grace to accept their mistakes. But I must say that there are quite a number of City Hall employees who forget that they are sworn in to serve the citizens and taxpayers who give them the job. Courtesy is the simplest yet most desired act in many of them who are supposed to be servants to the needs of persons who are there to pay for their permits and taxes and not bosses. I want so much to report these personnel to the Civil Service Commission but I know that my next trip to the City Hall will be most unpleasant because there is a way for them to get back at the public. But should I?
Elena of Lopez Jaena, Baguio City

Dear Elena,
I share your sentiments about some people in the City Hall. I too am itching to report them to the mayor or to call 888 for immediate action. But I need to deal with the city in many ways and I do not want to risk snags in my future dealings with them. For now, I leave it to karma that they find their own match and I am sure that they are rude to many others who will report them before you. But, ideally, we should all make the report because our passivity is what makes our country the way it is. The only way to change it is to immediately report these persons who do not serve us properly.
Go and spare the others the treatment,

Dear Manang,
I have too many cats in my house already. I brought home a stray kitten a year ago and now that she is almost two years old, she has already given birth to two litters. I have five cats now with four newborns. I cannot cope with the expense. I eat very little and seem to be cooking now for so many cats instead of just buying food for myself. Are there cat pounds where I can give them up for adoption?
Gen of Irisan, Baguio City

Dear Gen,
The simplest way to deal with cats is to have them spayed. The veterinary office is open to serving you to neuter and vaccinate your pets. The cost is much cheaper than the private vets. If you love your pets and don’t want to deal with the population growth, then just have them fixed. The cats become fat and lazy but at least you have them to love and spoil without having to deal with their courtship and mating seasons.
Visit the vet,