October 2, 2023

Dear Manang,
This is a small world and what is perceived as secret may not really be such because people will always talk. I do not thrive on gossip because it is inhuman most of the time. It does not care what happens to a person, particularly when this is not true. However, when it comes to borrowing money, it is often too late to warn a person that the other has a string of victims trailing them. I had to speak up because money is not easy to earn and save then lose it to a person. I feel rotten when I participate in gossip, should I just keep quiet?
Rina of Outlook Drive, Baguio City

Dear Rina,
Gossip is based on more falsehood than truth. Conjuring stories about a person is truly hideous and evil. But when it comes to money, we usually learn about lending when it has already been done, not when it is about to be given. When you tell someone about the person’s track record in paying back is subtly telling the person to say goodbye to the money and not hope to get it back. Don’t feel so bad because you just stated a fact about the person. It is indeed sad when the money is gone and life shouldn’t be so difficult for the one who lent it.
Don’t feel so bad,

Dear Manang,
Throughout life, my father was simply spoiled by my grandparents. I never saw him work and now that I am an adult and my grandparents are gone, I am working but still live with my parents in the same house. My mother has been the breadwinner all these years and she tells me to help with groceries once a month and help with the light bill. I don’t mind because I help my mom with her burden. However, I have my own food preference and keep it in my room. I don’t know why my father has to take some of the yogurt that I put away for myself. I try to control my weight with that. He is unkind.
Tory of Loakan, Baguio City

Dear Tory,
You are not alone in that situation. Many fathers are duplicates of yours. They must express their helplessness in forms of aggression. You are lucky that he isn’t an alcoholic or verbally abusive. Just buy more yogurt or find a substitute that he might not like if your budget is tight. Be magnanimous. After all, he is your father.
Be kinder,