June 23, 2024

Dear Manang,
My brother is sick but refuses to go for a check-up. I know he has no money and I already offered to help but I think he’s waiting to drop dead. He doesn’t realize that hospital costs will be higher if he will be brought on emergency rather than going now and getting oral medication. He needs financial help anyway. He doesn’t really have options because he is dependent on help. How can I convince him that he needs to submit to the doctor’s care?
Demsie of Gibraltar, Baguio City

Dear Demsie,
I have a brother like him too. I too must find a way to convince him to see a doctor. It is money, first and foremost. Sometimes, it’s hard to put up with nagging. It is humiliating but it reaches a point where swallowing too much pride is heartbreaking. This is not a choice any more. On the other hand, maybe he needs you to accompany him. I am at a loss too. I really don’t know what to do neither. Does he have PhilHealth? What a time to bring it up but it still helps. Offer him the money without much ado is another way.
Keep trying,

Dear Manang,
I am angry. Why are some rich people the very ones who say they are poor? When they open their mouth, the first words that spill out are “Kawawa naman ako (I am pitiful), people think I have a lot of money.” In fact, they have money that they don’t sweat for. Their money comes on time every single month. They’re hypocrites. They even gossip about money owed them by relatives. Some are true but most are lies. I know this problem has no solution. Maybe I am just venting.
Lina of Sumulong Street, Baguio City

Dear Lina,
I think many people are like that. That’s the best excuse when people come to borrow money. Then again, when you give it some thought, if she indeed just lent her money easily, she would be a beggar. Often, it is we (the onlookers) who must change our way of thinking. If we stopped being bothered by these people, there would be no hassle. Ignore is best. After all, even if you have money it does not make you beautiful, happy or smart. We wish that money be used to do good for the self and to help others do good for themselves too.
Be kinder,