January 31, 2023
  1. A political camp is trying to court Malacañang and the President’s supporters when its strongest bet announced its stand on ICC investigation on the drug war.
  2. This father and son tandem continues to bring pride and honor for the city with humility sans recognition from City Hall, which honors pro and amateur athletes.
  3. The public, especially the voters, scratch their heads in disbelief amidst reports this once respected leader is a recipient of monetary token to campaign for his ‘rival’.
  4. Trolls have been working double time to justify the refusal of candidates to join a recent presidential forum, at the same time discredit those behind the forum.
  5. This famous politician wanted to be the head of the Defense department to stop a former ally from meddling in the bidding of multi-billion military equipment.
  6. The President’s threat to name the most corrupt presidential candidate is laudable only that it appears to be too late, as the suspect is no longer in the Comelec’s list.
  7. Many Filipinos would agree that the government’s war on drugs that catapulted some into the halls of power has not achieved its ultimate goal after six long years.
  8. Presidential bets who dance and sing during provincial sorties do not mean they are not serious in their candidacy since the presidency is a serious responsibility.
  9. The much-publicized Omicron threat has not convinced millions of individuals who still refuse anti-Covid-19 vaccines especially in the southern Mindanao.
  10. The PNP-HPG chief earned praises when he noticed it’s unfair when only LED lights attached on motorcyles and tricycles are confiscated but not on big bikes.
  11. The POC did the right thing in ostracizing the Patafa chief, who has not contributed anything to sports development other than his attacks against an athlete.
  12. There’s truth to complaints that many Covid positive patients and their contacts have recovered without being reached by the contract tracers and BHERTs.

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