July 22, 2024

1. Earthquake drills are advisable but sometimes unrealistic as people are walking casually while leaving the buildings which is far from reality when an  actual temblor occurs.

2. Some quarters are deep in thought why many people have to suffer in a tragedy that is part of an alleged conspiracy theory being spread all over the social media.

3. The volunteerism displayed by people from all walks of life following the burning of some sections of the market only shows Baguio City can rise from challenges in record time.

4. This agency has been spending for the travel and accommodation of individuals and groups, who are not effective partners in  promoting its programs and other projects.

5. Those who are supposed to benefit from the supposed tourism circuits in the localities have not seen the influx of visitors as promised by those whom they wined and dined.

6. A city official did the right thing in calling concerned engineers and experts to check the soundness or stability of the structures burned at the market to ensure public safety.

7. Member-consumers of a power distribution firm want to be assured there is no truth to information that one camp has failed to account more than P40 million company funds.

8. Many of those who attended a recent public forum on the planned revision of the 1987 Constitution will think twice if they will attend if another round of dialogue is scheduled.

9. The current locations of fire stations in this urban center make it hard for firefighters to respond in record time if a structural fire happens within the central business district.

10. People raised their eyebrows when an embattled former Cabinet official, who is being accused of murder, has shared the stage with the President during a police graduation.

11. Concerned parties must not be onion-skinned amidst public speculations on what had caused the fire at the city market if their conscience is clear and they sleep soundly at night.

12. Baguio and other LGUs need bright members of the legislative body such as a female lawyer who always ensures quality and practicality in the enactment of local policies.