April 14, 2024
  1. The suspicion that many of the pigs contaminated with ASF along Kennon Road several weeks ago have found their way to local stores in the form of “etag” can be true.
  2. Banks and pawnshops in Baguio and rest of Luzon must be regularly checked by the police to safeguard them from burglary perpetrated by the Acetylene Gang.
  3. There is no truth to information that some individuals went home with almost 30 to 40 kilos of rice, which are intended for the constituents, especially the poor.
  4. Other residents are also deprived of food packs because of the requirements or census issues being invoked by some public officials when giving relief packs.
  5. Dozens of public officials were not visible during the ECQ because like any other person, they have to protect themselves and their families from the Covid-19.
  6. The enhanced community quarantine in this municipality is not being rigorously observed since the chief executive and the chief of police are not in good terms.
  7. The narrow-minded administrator of this police unit was quick to associate the wearing of red band to the CPP-NPA when it represents support to frontliners.
  8. This business group seems unmindful if physical distancing is not strictly being followed in a facility for as long as it produces profit from Cordillera farmers.
  9. Another business group chooses profit over public health when they claimed that the planned extension of the Luzonwide quarantine, will result in widespread looting.
  10. The probability of voters getting fooled is higher during the election period due to political promises never complied with than during the April Fool’s Day.
  11. Filipino voters are listing down officials who are really working hard to help their constituents during the pandemic but amnesia strikes during election day.
  12. The camp of this senator has launched its army of trolls to discredit other political leaders for not helping Filipinos during the health crisis while praising the former.