July 24, 2024

1. Many of those who moved heaven and Earth to defend the cause of protecting an institution from being taken over by interested individuals don’t mind being treated by the latter as trivial.

2. People in an urban center made the right decision in not electing a supposed upright candidate who does not have a vision for his hometown but only brags about his adventures.

3. People in the tourism industry, including experts, knew by heart that hospitality, not the change in tourism campaign slogan is the primary reason why tourists visit the country.

4. A self-proclaimed social media influencer wants to project to the public he is not connected to establishments that were issued a cease and desist order by SEC for their Ponzi-like scheme.

5. What is not being highlighted in the new tourism campaign slogan is that this agency tapped a private advertising company to develop the campaign to the tune of whopping P50 million.

6. Offices that boast to have adopted some of the latest technologies could not even afford to install CCTV surveillance cameras to help in the arrest of thieves and vandals near City Hall.

7. A case for violation of the Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Act could be filed against a former politician for endorsing a toilet operation contract which he helped finance in secret.

8. A city official has taken the extra mile by requiring ocular not really to inspect but for his personal gain by delaying committee reports that might be expedited via under the table deals.

9. The series of adverse reviews on the political and economic affairs of this LGU runs contrast to good governance campaign advanced by this dynamic and innovative leader and supporters.

10. Up to now, no significant improvement is being undertaken to have the Carantes Street fixed after the much-publicized plans presented by offices and statement from City Hall apologists.

11. An official of this LGU thinks he owns taxpayers’ money and decides how funds will be utilized similar to the non-cash items and coupons donated to his office during the pandemic.

12. A public utility firm keeps on denying its failure to deliver the demands of thousands of clients but with countless of them complaining of poor service in the mainstream and social media.