October 1, 2023

1. A section of Harrison Road has been transformed into a terminal for PUVs and is causing congestion in the area especially during rush hours, which the TMD must address quickly.

2. A church in Baguio is setting its own policy by designating areas where documenters could take videos and photographs during wedding ceremonies that are supposedly solemn.

3. There is truth to observation the government’s war on drugs during the Duterte administration could not be labelled as a great success due to bungling of cases by arresting officers.

4. This LGU keeps boasting about its supposed state-of-the art technology that can help address traffic woes and quick response to emergencies when such set-up is not yet fully working.

5. Those behind the intensified campaign for Cordillera autonomy must have learned their lesson that some activities must be sidelined since these are just waste of taxpayers’ funds.

6. Many old trees in major Baguio roads pose imminent threat to motorists and commuters which is why concerned offices should inspect them if it necessitates cutting or pruning.

7. The supposed national tourism campaign of the government changes every regime and it has become a source of a national shame for use of materials taken outside of the country.

8. A government agency is always congratulated every time there is a supposed lucky bettor in the national lottery, which, in some countries are being drawn with transparency.

9. Cordillerans must brace themselves for shortage of potable water with the coming of the El Niño phenomenon, as many urban areas still do not have their own water districts up to now.

10. Lack of equipment and crew are among the reasons why several infrastructure projects that were awarded to favored contractors are being implemented beyond the completion period.

11. Hopes that the President will include in the SONA the long-time quest for autonomy in the Cordillera is one of the most abused statements since the time of former President Ramos.

12. One controversial social media influencer known for spreading misinformation did a great job this time by exposing the lies behind the controversial tourism campaign video.