May 20, 2024
  1. To avoid accidents, concerned agencies must ensure that personnel are on standby at the temporary bridge along the Halsema Highway in Sabangan to ensure that no one violates the two-ton limit.
  2. A constant fixture, who is not even an employee of an office in an LGU, has not been working as a fixer by advising businessmen to process their permits in exchange for some grease money.
  3. The spouses of these two former executives are publicly admired for not dipping their hands in any government affairs and are not war freaks even if their husbands get criticized by netizens.
  4. There is no conflict of interest even if this businessman who has a controversial pending legal case has sponsored the project of a group that insists there is no trade fair in a city park.
  5. The weekly pedestrianization of the busy Session Road has not been rendered useless as some quarters claimed it even if some portions of the road are allocated as selling area sans permits.
  6. This chief executive was right when he mentioned there are things that need to be set aside if only to ensure the success of an event, but it could set a precedent in future controversial events.
  7. The voters and elders of a province dislike this politician, whose family members are indirectly meddling with projects, to be the caretaker if Malacañang decides to appoint one in the future.
  8. The supposed propaganda and disinformation against a soft-spoken official has backfired when a ranking leader called for peace and unity in a bid to ensure the success of a Yuletide event.
  9. Some residents in Apayao are reportedly complaining on the rotten vegetables dispatched in typhoon-stricken areas due to the delay in distribution by concerned government offices.
  10. Other government workers are hopeful that Malacañang will also grant an increase in their current salaries like what those in the law enforcement and military are receiving since last year.
  11. The Filipino athletes who won medals in the recent 30th SEA Games were not dismayed even if the planned higher cash incentive aside from what is prescribed by law, did not materialize.
  12. The local police would soon explain why one of its patrol vehicles was involved in a vehicular accident, which, according to some citizens was a result of a possible counterflow.