December 1, 2023
  1. Despite lack of funds, athletes in other areas who brought honor and pride for the country during the recent SEA Games were given a hero’s welcome, but not in other urban areas with funds.
  2. The Baguio mayor will most likely not issue special business permits to any group or individual wanting to sell firecrackers or pyrotechnic devices banned by the past administration.
  3. City Hall must be strict this time in allocating funds for the CARAA meet if reports are true that some equipment and supplies for athletes were brought home by some sports officials.
  4. There is no violation of a Presidential Order on the use of funds from commercial events at Burnham Park if some of the funds were used for other activities outside the park complex.
  5. It’s political accommodation, not ineptitude why some heads of offices in this LGU have been asked to avail of early retirement or are being advised to transfer to other departments.
  6. The overall results of the 30th Southeast Asian Games only prove the long-time observation of many sectors that Filipinos can excel in other sports outside basketball despite the lack of funds.
  7. The once die-hard fans of a frontman of a world-famous band were quick to malign the visiting musician when he left a message to a ranking leader that human rights cannot be compromised.
  8. The government’s vow for transparency is considered a mere political statement until no other than the highest official of the land provides the Fourth Estate a copy of his 2018 SALN.
  9. Another mayor in the National Capital Region exemplifies genuine leadership by doing the right thing, that is by delivering on his campaign promises even without media coverage.
  10. Several night vendors, including those selling barbecue for several hours, are having problems on where to find other jobs, as they are being required to have business permits by this LGU.
  11. A regional executive has not initiated worthy programs and projects up to now, as she is preoccupied in ensuring that she could still hold on to her position without a challenge.
  12. It will be best for supporters of a hardworking politician to allow the latter to perform his tasks first to set a precedent in good governance than pushing him to seek a higher elective post.