December 8, 2023
  1. DSWD and its attached office, CSWDO, must be alerted against these groups of minors, who beg for alms from pedestrians in Baguio, but they only prefer cash, not foods or any product.
  2. With Cordilleran athletes giving gold medals for the country in international events, it is high time that the PSC-POC consider constructing a combat sports academy in the highlands.
  3. Two proteges of an embattled official from the south think they can still hold on to their posts until 2022 despite allegation of possible anomaly in the management of a government facility.
  4. If trend continues, Ifugao will soon become the most populated province in the Cordillera next to Benguet if it will maintain its record of having the highest average number of kids per family.
  5. Unlike in the capital town, illegal numbers games thrive in this northern part of the province without the provincial and regional directors at the regional police command knowing about it.
  6. People at funeral homes wonder why those politicians and supporters who visited wakes in the past even if not related to the deads are no longer visible even in wake of their relatives.
  7. Several motorists traversing the Baguio-Bontoc Highway still prefer using the detour than to take the risk of passing through a bailey bridge that has been declared passable to light cars.
  8. Up to now, this losing politicians and his supporters still believe that the one who won in the 2019 midterm elections has paid countless voters from the proceeds of SOPs on infra projects.
  9. The chief executive might not be fully aware that there are more complaints than complements against personnel of a division for abuse of authority and for having false sense of entitlement.
  10. This lowly but ranking state enforcer has built a mansion on top of a hill overlooking an urban landscape courtesy of his hard-earned salary, not from questionable activities and projects.
  11. This broadsheet, whose owners are known publicists, remains struggling to make its presence known by millions of Filipinos despite presenting one-sided stories just to impress the masters.
  12. The prolonged selection by President Rodrigo Duterte on who will be the next PNP chief means that he has another one-star officer in mind, aside from the three nominees.