October 3, 2023

1. A member of the executive department of an LGU has established the “Kamag-anak Corporation” where some contractors are his relatives to promote good governance.

2. Commercial condominium projects are sprouting in some barangays categorized as residential zones without the knowledge of a politician, who fully trusts his associates.

3. A female office executive is not bothered by the bullying tactics of a politician with an anger management issue, which becomes worse when his directives are not complied with.

4. The PNP must constantly update the public on the progress of charges filed against the policemen involved in the alleged murder of a 17-year-old boy due to mistaken identity.

5. Organizers of a local annual event who have a false sense of entitlement claim they are doing public service for running the show that is funded by the LGU and backed by sponsors.

6. A politician’s kin can enumerate the long list of people and groups that pampered him when a family member was still in power but they are now intentionally avoiding him.

7. A known politician thinks his popularity will be boosted for being romantically linked to some actresses and social media personalities, whom he described as casual friends.

8. The increase in the President’s travel fund from P36 million in 2021 to P403M in 2022 is seen by many Filipinos as needless since the former is not required to inspect projects.

9. Only a memorandum from COA is being awaited before finance officers in this LGU start looking for sources if asked to return public funds that have already been used.

10. There is barely any issue in this model sanggunian because some members only attend just to have their attendance checked and avoid engaging in controversial public issues.

11. Infrastructure projects in a province is currently being audited by concerned agencies after the July 27, 2022 earthquake exposed that newly constructed building have cracks.

12. Some of the buildings constructed for a law enforcement office are of inferior quality and its occupants know that it could be penetrated by bullets if attacked by the armed groups.