May 24, 2024
  1. One of those who sought for higher elective position has used the fuel allocation of the LGU when he visited the various towns during the 45-day campaign sorties.
  2. Some voters in this capital town have complained why the highest offer per voter was only P3,000 when many voters in other province were offered P15,000 each.
  3. Cordillerans were among the voters who proved the “Solid North” is not an urban myth as claimed by those who supported other presidential candidates.
  4. Government personnel who got yelled at by a ranking politician opted not to share their experience as they want to protect the ‘good image’ of the latter.
  5. Some of the recent awards handed out by enterprising groups to businessmen and politicians come with monetary price, as the recipients have to pay for sponsorship.
  6. A former long-time politician knows better that another political leader has not acquired mansions and properties overseas contrary to the claims of his rivals.
  7. Known “dilawans” and “pinklawans” are hoping BBM will consider appointing some of those in the opposition to make good of his battlecry for unity in this nation.
  8. A Cordilleran ranking government personnel now based at the central office has been promoted several times not because of credentials but due to political endorsements.
  9. A former Cabinet secretary seems right in his claims that his predecessor is not for the welfare of stakeholders and the nation’s food security due to his recent actions.
  10. This ranking official was just lucky he was reelected even if he has not personally reached out to his constituents during the pandemic and he was not busy gambling.
  11. A northern part of a province is facing serious concern on illegal drug use among young and old constituents with some of the users are also involved in other crimes.
  12. This police officer from Benguet has greater chances of being appointed to the top post if BBM will exercise his wide latitude of discretion despite internal lobbying.