December 6, 2022
  1. The real culprits in the global fight against the Covid-19 pandemic are not those hoarding paracetamol, but those who gain billions from questionable contracts.
  2. Individuals are still bringing face shield with them, as some establishments still require added protection but few of their workers are non-believers of vaccines.
  3. This international news service is ruining its own credibility for its obvious biased reporting on a China-made vaccine purposely to promote Western-made vaccines.
  4. Concerned agencies and officials were the last to know that corruption is rampant in the quarantine facilities for returning Filipinos, as some pay to skip quarantine.
  5. Two restaurants along Outlook Drive are being tolerated by concerned authorities for obstructing traffic, as customers are allowed to park their cars on the roadside.
  6. This religious leader disregards moral ascendancy by clinging to a position that entails perks and allowances even after being involved in a financial audit concern.
  7. A government head with much-publicized projects that were rated as failure thinks he has the monopoly of wisdom that he also know the nuances of the Fourth Estate.
  8. This agency highly suspected by millions of bettors of allegedly inventing winners of millions of prizes has yet to respond to the call to show proof of winning tickets.
  9. A senatorial bet, who was once a Cabinet member, is causing confusion for saying he is leading in surveys, which were never published even in the mainstream media.
  10. It is expected that supporters of this Presidential and Vice Presidential tandem will contract the Covid-19 infection for not observing social distancing during sorties.
  11. Other experts think the city will be safe from the Omicron variant for allowing visitors from NCR plus bubble who were previously issued with QR-coded passes.
  12. Filipino pole vault pride EJ Obiena is not considering moves to follow Wesley So’s move in leaving the country even if Patafa is jeopardizing him due to personal pride.

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