January 31, 2023
  1. Many politicians who were invited to witness the inauguration of this regional political headquarters are complaining that they were treated as mere spectators.
  2. There is a looming disagreement among local organizers of a political tandem as evidenced by their statements about a recent event posted on social media.
  3. The sought-after calendars given for free to thousands of clients are now given to only a few consumers due to some technical concerns with a favored outsourced printer.
  4. A division executive has the right to get mad when his unit was not called to be recognized for its logistic and manpower contributions to the Covid-19 response.
  5. Two government officials are being monitored by indigenous peoples for possible pattern of activities that are inimical to the interest of IPs or cultural communities.
  6. The city government has plans should the Omicron variant enter the borders courtesy of the influx of fully-vaccinated tourists from all over the country, including foreigners.
  7. Cordillerans will not vote for a party-list group with top bosses residing in the localities for not reaching out to the people in need since the start of the pandemic.
  8. There’s no truth to information that money changed hands that is why four party-list groups including two from the Cordillera were included in the final list of the Comelec.
  9. Almost all the lawmakers and governors in the Cordillera received a call from this enterprising writer who has mastered the art of solicitation in behalf of his group.
  10. Several contractors are dismayed at how multi-million infrastructure projects are being distributed by this dyed hair henchman serving two Cordillera lawmakers.
  11. No one is politicizing the ongoing post-disaster response, as some government officials are quick to help on the ground while few hop on a plane for photo-ops.
  12. A member of this bids and awards committee of an LGU is obvious in favoring a contractor for the multi-billion infrastructure project planned four years ago.

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