November 26, 2022
  1. Many establishments allow clients to obstruct bicycle lanes at nighttime when several bikers, including minors, prefer to bike after work or classes.
  2. Filipinos are frustrated when the President announced there are no enough funds for Typhoon Odette victims even if the country has the highest amount of foreign loan.
  3. It’s only know that the public realized that the regular aerial inspection by this Palace official and his secretary is simply photo ops that fooled them for long.
  4. Individuals who take advantage of the misery of others are again quick to call for donations for the victims of Typhoon Odette, but which they will fail to deliver.
  5. One of the candidates for a congressional seat is maximizing social media for their pre-election messages than spending huge fund for colored tarpaulins.
  6. Some provincial officials will not receive 20 percent from a multi-million loan regardless of the outcome of the May 2022 elections while the taxpayers suffer.
  7. Residents severely impacted by Typhoon Odette are just hopeful those promising a better life for Filipinos in the political messages would reach out to them ASAP.
  8. A politically-inclined elite group wants to take away the credit from someone on why a famous golf amateur tournament has resumed and was rated as successful.
  9. Many LGUs are keenly monitoring Baguio’s contingency measures against the Omicron variant for modification as their local IATFs is only good for meetings.
  10. Some claim that this politician is clean because his family is rich disregarding that two members of his family have been cornering projects or favoring contractors.
  11. The importance of regional TV stations has been sorely missed by Filipinos for their significant roles in reporting about calamities in far-flung areas.
  12. This LGU should allow experts to review the supposed feasibility studies being outsourced to handpicked individuals and their crew from the academe sector.

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