May 30, 2023
  1. Some politicians in the localities are not announcing their plans for 2022 until the mayor from the South has officially agreed to run for president.
  2. Three individuals are seriously contemplating moves to run for Congress in this nearby province if only to give a good fight against a united party.
  3. It’s correct to claim the intention of tactile tiles installation on city sidewalks is noble, especially when PWDs were consulted first before the project started.
  4. Thousands of those inoculated with Sputnik V vaccine want an assurance they would receive their second dose before the maximum 90-day interval.
  5. Some quarters refused to argue over claims that Filipinos must be thankful to the current leadership for inspiring athletes to win four Olympic medals.
  6. This multi-million infrastructure project is being built in a barangay sans consultation with stakeholders, which contradicts participatory governance.
  7. People wonder why this agency is totally ignoring the series of accusations of a web of corruption on infra projects hurled by this lone anti-graft crusader.
  8. Nas Academy think tanks can hardly understand that getting the collective consent of the IPs of Butbut is what is needed for the Whang-od Academy.
  9. An international news agency will soon record a drop of its subscribers for its biased reporting on Sinovac vaccine while promoting a U.S.-made one.
  10. People simply scratch their heads in disbelief when a photo of a road in Mt. Province completed years ago was included as part of BBB projects.
  11. An establishment that is raking in money even during the pandemic wants to qualify an order from the IATF to justify allowing minors inside stores.
  12. A mansion has been constructed in the supposed site for a barangay hall in the locality after steel posts were erected and left rusting for some years.

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