June 24, 2024

Dear Manang,
Is it wrong to love dogs? My friends don’t seem to understand my pain of having lost three this year. I haven’t even gotten over the reason why they suddenly died. All the stress of bringing them to a veterinarian through the rough times can’t be imagined by those gawkers. These dogs are like babies too. They’ve been with me for almost 10 years. Isn’t this pain valid?
Gary of San Carlos Heights, Baguio City

Dear Gary,
Pinoys must learn that abroad, pets get inheritances too. The love for dogs isn’t a fault, but if it gets obsessive, then it becomes abnormal. We tend to laugh at things we don’t understand. This is typical of the Pinoy. Don’t break your heart over those people who have no compassion for pets but don’t blame yourself for the death that you couldn’t make miracles for either. You do need to get out of the rut, hora mismo! For Pete’s sake, don’t let those pets overrule the person that you are. Grief should be temporary. Adopt another pet to fill your time.
Shake it off,

Dear Manang,
It is difficult to raise a special child. My son is autistic and sometimes I don’t understand why he is beginning to show some resistance to my authority. Recently, I was surprised because he hit me when I sent him to the room to sleep because it was past his bedtime. Is this normal?
Monch of Bakakeng, Baguio City

Dear Monch,
Sometimes, our children mature a little without us noticing it. After all, they are still normal with regular emotions. I am a believer that reason is still a good way to begin with children. Ask immediately why he hit you and sit down with him to find the reason. When you explain that you just wanted him to sleep because it was late, I believe that he will realize the motives of your action. Even if they are autistic, this doesn’t mean that he does not have emotions. He is actually even more sentient than any of us.
Talk to him,