April 15, 2024

Dear Manang,
I am always weak. I hardly walk because I feel like I am going to faint with each step I take. I eat fairly well but don’t eat too much. I wonder what this means and I am afraid to see a doctor because he might give me bad news. My children have responsibilities that I shouldn’t bother them with my situation. I have a best friend who lives with me for now. Could you tell me a way to overcome this?
Blanca of Avelino Street, Baguio City

Dear Blanca,
I am not a mind reader and not a doctor but guessing your disease is the most precarious occupation for me to date. Weakness is a sign that your body is lacking something. Only a doctor is qualified to give you the antidote for that. You remind me of my uncle who could have gotten some treatment for arthritis instead of deteriorating the last two years of his life. Go to government healthy facility if you do not have enough money. Stop guessing, my dear.
Go now,

Dear Manang,
I am being laughed at for taking care of my boyfriend. There’s no one looking after him. I do his laundry and clean the house. I cook and walk with him around town. It doesn’t hurt me and my pride because I have always wanted to do this because he was my crush. I am glad to help him and I enjoy his company too. How can I make the wags stop?
Foxy Lady of Taloy Norte, Tuba, Benguet

Dear Foxy Lady,
To ignore is the best remedy and to befriend them when you get a chance. Sometimes it is a matter of infecting them with your good nature. What is important is your joy at doing the job. I hope you are ready for the long haul because everything will be downhill. Some things will keep going down.
Keep your joy,