March 27, 2023

One of the most demeaning things anyone would never want to experience is getting the “pink slip” and hearing the harshest phrase, “You’re fired!”
With America’s elections over but the shouting, and Joe Biden (Democrat) getting an upset win against incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump (Republican) with electoral votes of 290, the people have spoken and practically gave Trump his walking papers.
Ironically in Trump’s NBC reality television program, “The Apprentice”, episodes ended with the host eliminating contestants from the competition, with the words, “You’re fired!” Wikipedia describes the show as an ultimate job interview, where 14 to 18 candidates with business backgrounds in various enterprises including real estate, accounting, restaurant management, management consulting, sales, and marketing are divided into two “corporations” or teams headed by a project manager.
They will sell products, raise money for charity, or create an advertising campaign. The losing team attends a boardroom meeting with the show’s host and their advisors explain why and the one who contributed the least to the team is fired.
Trump’s hosting of the first 14 seasons afforded him popularity that contributed to his rise to the presidency. When he ran, former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger took over as the celebrity presenter and when he left, Trump said in his Twitter that he got fired.
His tenure as President was not so bright as he has been tagged as the worst president in the history of the United States. His term was considered a nightmare, as he was branded a narcissist, racist, and an ego-tripper with no direction, especially in dealing with the Covid-19.
He usually rumbles off irrationally or tweets to his heart’s content not minding the implications or ramifications of what he says, like some so-called “leaders” here and there, who seem to be full of themselves. They present themselves as the saviors yet personal gain seems to give precedence over the welfare of their people. Ultimately, people see through the kind of persons they are and the loud whispers are one in saying they failed. There are plenty of them who would never know when and how to fire themselves. In one and a half years though, the people here would ape Trump and the American people and say, “You are fired, too!”
Sen. Win Gatchalian’s “Magka-agapay sa Kalusugan” program through good friend Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines Secretary-General Baby Pascual-Guttierez has delivered 10,000 pieces of faceshields to me for distribution to our people.
It was picked up by AG Karl Gabaen in Sison, Pangasinan. I have turned over the same to Rotary Club of Downtown Session President Kelwyn Tan for his and the RCDS board’s disposition. Another 20,000 pieces of facemasks is forthcoming. Thank you, apo senator, for the trust bestowed on us. Sigh.