July 13, 2024

1. Some gullible administrators of social media accounts of government agencies share“fake news” such as a tropical storm warning for not verifying the information shared.

2. Even before Typhoon Betty hit the Cordillera, sections of a newly paved road have collapsed, exposing poor implementation of the multi-million projects in this province.

3. Concerned citizens, especially from a women’s group, are exerting efforts to gather all possible pieces of evidence to prove the involvement of a lady officer in gambling joints.

4. This offshore gaming operation being used as legal cover for a cryptocurrency scam and human trafficking in Clark has no link to the Chinese workers in this urban center.

5. This agency thinks the public appreciates its daily meetings during inclement weather such as typhoon when most officials and personnel of other agencies are on the ground working.

6. Concerned residents believe that illegal treasure hunting, not construction of buildings, has been going on for the last two years in a private lot in Baguio until portion of it eroded.

7. City Hall offices must stop collecting parking and entrance fees at the Diplomat Hotel and disclose that the building has been condemned and there is nothing more to see there.

8. Staff members of this ranking official are screening people who request to interview the latter after this pseudo-media displayed good manners when she interviewed the official.

9. A special audit report on this LGU is being hidden to prevent public access to the document, which could expose secrets that could uncover the true nature of this incorruptible official.

10. This former ranking LGU official does not regret quitting from government service even if he would no longer receive gift coupons which he used to purchase some appliances.

11. Up to now, this chief executive in an urban center outside Baguio is expecting that there would be an influx of tourists in his area after he paid self-styled social media influencers.

12. Concerned sectors support the plan of the current administration to convince former President Rody Duterte to become an anti-drug czar as illegal drug trade in the country ‘worsens’.