September 25, 2023
  1. There could be four major titles, Mr. & Ms. Benguet and Mr. & Ms. Adivay, up for grabs in next year’s pageant in Benguet as a result of the inadvertent lapse in the tabulation of scores.
  2. Millions of state workers outside the military and law enforcement are still hopeful they would likewise enjoy an increased monthly salary and other benefits before the President steps down.
  3. Residents and tourists alike could no longer enjoy biking at Burnham Park, as the bike lanes are already overcrowded due to lack of strict regulation on the number of bikes to be rented.
  4. This private group, in a bid to promote transparency, will soon make public the breakdown of expenses funded by payments on use of chalets set up in the city’s premier park.
  5. This working chief executive is under vicious attacks by a disgruntled politician and his throng of supporters, who could not yet still accept that the people have spoken during the May polls.
  6. It is presumed that those advertising their services for deep-well projects in Baguio have permits from the NWRB while BWD’s complaint on the proliferation of illegal deep-wells is not acted upon.
  7. The declaration of the underground movement and its political arm as persona non grata was not deferred if only to give time for two, not three officials, of LGUs to clear first their names.
  8. The city mayor will most likely turn down the planned revival of carnival rides at Burnham Park because of the complaints from citizens about gambling and unsafe ride facilities.
  9. Sagada residents will remain vigilant of corporations wanting to have a piece of land in the mystical town even if earlier reports of a possible land acquisition turned out to be unverified.
  10. The monstrous traffic being experienced in the Summer Capital could have been mitigated by concerned offices and consultants using common sense and not necessarily scientific methods.
  11. Some local government units and their officials are not being pressured to declare the CPP-NPA as persona non grata in exchange of projects and programs as promised by those with firearms.
  12. This former Baguio official should be tapped as a consultant on traffic management for proving that vehicular flyovers and overpasses ease up traffic flow despite strong oppositions in the past.